8 Dango You Can’t Resist in Japan!

8 Dango You Can't Resist in Japan!_

Japanese food is officially registered as an abstract cultural heritage. People nowadays are getting interested in Japanese food because most of it are simple and yet healthy and delicious. Sweets and desserts are sometimes considered something that is harmful to the body but the most of the Japanese sweets are not artificially processed and could be an answer to this dilemma. This article will focus on the Japanese sweets called Dango. Dango refers to the rice flour knead circularly, steamed and boiled to be eaten. In this article, I will show you the recommended types of Dango and ways on how to enjoy them![Continue Reading…]

10 “Shiro” useful expressions for any situations


10 Shiro useful expressions for any situations

I was born in Japan, but have lived and travelled all around the world. As I learn different languages, I notice that there are many expressions that are hard to understand for non-native speakers. Today, I want to explain how to use the word “Shiro,” which means the white color in Japanese. In English, the word “white” can be used in an expression such as “a white lie.” The word “Shiro” can also be used in expressions and has different meanings other than just simply describing a color. [Continue Reading…]