10 Kanji Samples for “What is my name in Japanese”!

10 Kanji Samples for What is my name in Japanese

If you have learned Japanese, you know that you usually write non-Japanese names in Katakana alphabets. You may wonder, “why can’t I write my name in Kanji like Japanese people?” It is actually possible to write your name in Kanji characters. All you have to do is find Kanji characters that have the same sounds as your name. There are many websites that convert your name to Kanji characters. Usually you can choose from several Kanji characters. Many people choose the Kanji characters with the meaning they like. On the other hand, it is not always recommended to write your name in Kanji, because Japanese people might not know how to read your name when they are not familiar with Kanji you use. Today I will tell you 10 common Western names that can be written in Kanji that Japanese people are able to read.[Continue Reading…]

10 Awesome Japanese Symbols (Kanji) for Love “愛”

10 Awesome Japanese Symbols for love

I am native Japanese living in United States. When I was living in Japan and even more since I moved to the US, I have a lot of friends who are native English speakers. Since Japanese language, especially “Kanji” seems so alien to them, I’m often asked about it from my American family and friends.[Continue Reading…]