7 Recommended Beaches You Should Go in Japan!

7 Recommended Beaches You Should Go in Japan

Few people associate Japan with beach holidays – it’s a long way to travel and quite expensive compared to other Asian destinations. However, the Japan beach scene is surprisingly good, offering many specialised activities that are unique to Japan, If one knows where to go. Here are just a few of my personal favorite Japan beaches.[Continue Reading…]

6 Recommended Ways to Enjoy Hanabi Like Japanese People!

6 Recommended Ways to Enjoy Like Japanese People!

I’m a Japanese girl and Hanabi fun! Today I’m going to tell you some tips to enjoy Hanabi in Japan. Do you know what Hanabi is? Hanabi means fireworks in Japan and we enjoy Hanabi festivals produced by the regional groups and pyrotechnists called “Hanabi-shi”. If you ask any Japanese people “How should I enjoy summer in Japan?”, I’m sure most of them say “You must go to Hanabi Festival!“ Hanabi events are usually held during in summer from July to August. Now let’s check some tips for enjoying Hanabi together!![Continue Reading…]

8 Frolic Ways to Enjoy Summer in Japan!

8 Frolic Ways to Enjoy Summer in Japan!

Do you know how to enjoy summer in Japan? Japan can be very humid in summer and compared to other countries, it might be a little bit difficult to spend time in Japan during summer. However, the climate is different depending on the region and the place Hokkaido where summer is breezy could be a good example.In places like Tokyo, Nagoya and Osaka, people take careful measures to avoid suffering heatstroke. [Continue Reading…]