10 Rare Japanese Beers You Must Try!

10 Rare Japanese Beers You Must Try!_10 Japanese Beers You Must Try in Japan!

Foreigners might think Japanese prefer sake with their meals, but it is actually beer that we drink and, as a nation, in copious quantities. Japanese beers are mostly lager type, following German brewing methods learned in the 19th century and, though many brews use rice as an adjunct to the malt, contain traditional ingredients with a malt content of at least 67%. The huge beer market in Japan is dominated by four major brewers: Kirin, Asahi, Suntory and Sapporo, so wherever you go in Japan, you will encounter their beers. As with most mass-produced beers, these are rarely impressive, though they provide enough chilled and fizzy feel-good effect for an evening of eating and drinking. [Continue Reading…]