7 Recommended “Sakura” Cherry Blossoms Spots in Tokyo!

7 Recommended Sakura Cherry Blossoms Spots in Tokyo

From the end of March to early April, the parks, temples and shrines of Tokyo are shrouded in a pink canopy of cherry blossoms (sakura); this is a culturally significant time for all Japanese, and should definitely not be missed by visitors at this time of year. Here, then, are just a few of my favorite places for viewing Tokyo sakura.[Continue Reading…]

7 must-haves to enjoy hanami in Japan!

7 Must-haves to Enjoy Hanami in Japan!

Have you ever enjoyed Hanami which means seeing blossoms? It is usually held in early-mid April to see especially cherry blossoms all over Japan. But we, Japanese people often enjoy getting together under the cherry trees in addition to just looking at the flowers. Here, I would like to introduce 7 things you should bring to hanami in Japan.[Continue Reading…]